As parents, it has never been easy for us to decide which methods/ strategies we should apply in bringing them up to their best. With years of experiences and expertise in dealing with minors and teens, we saw strong urgency to provide the best education on religius basis, yet covering academic competence. We also are aware that every child is unique, henceforth, each individual deserves to get the best education system throughout their lives. It is our duty and responsibility to find what each individual is good at and shape them according to their talents and passions.

Islamic Green School provides our pupils with education on religius basis alongside academic competencies, resilience and leadership, which make them Khaleefah fil ardh. Since 2016 – 2017, IGS has conducted Cambridge Examination Preparatory Class. We support three subjects which are English, Mathematics and Science delivered in English. We target the Primary students to be able to pass Internal Cambridge Checkpoint on 6th grade whilst the Secondary will try to manage the Lower Secondary Checkpoint on 9th grade moderated by Cambridge International Assessment. This year it has been the third year of Cambridge Program thus we also support the National Class Program with the same sipirit to use English in the school. The implementation of using English during learning process, discussion and most of their activities in school will automatically get them encouraged with confidence.

Staying on the edge of everything in this era has also never been so important like today, so, starting next semester of 2019 – 2020 we cooperate with Muamalat Bank to implement the Mumtaz School System Application for Android. The Mumtaz application connect the school and parents in real time. Everything about student Academic Report and Financial Report are shown integrated one single click. This way is one of the school commitment to the 21st century learning approach. It is the school responsibility in leading the environment to meet the world’s challenge in the future.