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We are committed to fostering outstanding students with virtues, independence, resilience, creativity, and global insight. We cultivate these values through a holistic education, preparing students to face future challenges with confidence and profound skills.


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Welcome to Islamic GreenSchool, where academic excellence, Islamic values, and environmental stewardship seamlessly blend in education. Our high school program stands out with three curricula: Cambridge International for global standards, the national curriculum for understanding national identity, and a nature-inspired approach to inspire environmentally conscious global citizens. With this unique blend, Islamic GreenSchool High School provides a comprehensive educational experience, preparing students for global challenges while fostering Islamic values and a love for the environment. Discover diversity, creativity, and critical thinking in every step of education here.


Realizing Students with Virtue, Independence, Resilience, Creativity & Global Insight.


Strengthening the understanding of creed as the foundation of ethics, shaping resilient and independent character, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, and developing comprehension and proficiency in international languages.


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8 Pillars



This curriculum prepares student to master subjects in depth, with the developing skills for study and work in the future, it is also encourages student to be creative, independent, and resilient.


Curriculum developed by the government for use in schools in the national education system. is a means of measuring one's abilities in education. This curriculum aims to improve students' cognitive abilities and encourage students to be more active, competitive, and creative in their daily lives.


Alternative education regarding the natural school system with the concept of universe-based education , to introduce children to nature where nature is a source of knowledge and learning materials also have clear rules for implementation.

Our ekit SCHOOL courses

Student Activities

Puncak Tema

routine activity carried out at the Kindergarten level. This activity consists of students presenting their interests, talents, and creativity through various performances.


As part of the Experimen Sciences Project, this intriguing initiative is designed to spark curiosity and passion for science among students.

In commemoration of Mother's Day

The theme of the event was 'Carving a Mother's Smile in a Presentation Full of Love.' Students showcased their talents by performing a song themed 'Mother'.

In commemorating World Million Trees Day

the Kindergarten observed the occasion by visiting several nearby preschools and gifting trees as part of an effort to contribute to tree conservation and environmental stewardship.


At Islamic Green School, for both high school and secondary levels, there is a dynamic initiative focused on developing leadership skills, character formation, and promoting effective collaboration and communication.

Field Trip

The Islamic Green School Kindergarten organizes an annual Field Trip, where students engage in activities and learning experiences outside the school environment, providing firsthand knowledge.
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