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We are committed to fostering outstanding students with virtues, independence, resilience, creativity, and global insight. We cultivate these values through a holistic education, preparing students to face future challenges with confidence and profound skills.


Where Learning Begin

Welcome to Islamic GreenSchool, where academic excellence, Islamic values, and environmental stewardship seamlessly blend in education. Our high school program stands out with three curricula: Cambridge International for global standards, the national curriculum for understanding national identity, and a nature-inspired approach to inspire environmentally conscious global citizens. With this unique blend, Islamic GreenSchool High School provides a comprehensive educational experience, preparing students for global challenges while fostering Islamic values and a love for the environment. Discover diversity, creativity, and critical thinking in every step of education here.


Explore our Academic Programs: Kindergarten: Fostering a love for learning in our youngest minds. Primary: Building a strong foundation for academic success. Secondary: Guiding students towards academic and personal growth. High School: Preparing students for global challenges with a holistic education. Experience our Unique Programs:




Founder of the Islamic Green School

drg. Yaya Aria Santosa, MARS, Ph.D

Founder Islamic Green School

Dr. Suzy Yusna Dewi, dr,Sp.KJ., Subsp A.R.(K), MARS

Chief Executive Officer Islamic Green School

Find Out Our Vision and Mission

Realizing Students with Virtue, Independence, Resilience, Crearivity & Global Insight.
Strengthening the understanding of creed as fondation of ethics, shaping resilient, independent character, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, and developing comprehension and proficiency in international languages


Expert in Giving The Best Start For Children You

Kindergarten & Primary Headmistress​

Secondary & Highschool Headmistress​

Kindergarten Teacher
Primary Teacher
Secondary & Highschool Teacher
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